A thin piece of glacial ice

A thin piece of glacial ice placed between two crossed polarization filters. This allows scientists to look at the structure of the glacial ice. At shallower depths, snow becomes randomly incorporated into the ice. So do the crystal structures. However, over time, and under pressure, the structures of the glacial ice show a preferred orientation. This indicates information about the flow of ice at

 — in Greenland.


About that year

2017 was, in more ways than I can even count, an amazing gift. It took me on quite the journey. One that included the trip of a lifetime to Greenland; a place that no picture can fully capture adequately for its ability to make you realize how truly small we are. This was on a climb back down from the ice sheet. There is a lake in front of me on the trail. My guide suggested a dip. I thought she w See More

 — in Greenland.